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Seating Excellence at Work Anggun, has an equivalent meaning to ‘sleek’ in Malay. Functionally, design and quality are the 3 main objectives we seek to achieve when designing and engineering the Anggun chair. With functionality being the main theme. Merryfair presents to you a clean looking chair that will adapt to any workspace environment.


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Simple Modern Elegant Apollo brings style into your workplace with its swooping wraparound armrest and curvaceous profile. Its ease of use aims to integrate seamlessly into your work day. The wide seating surfaces feel open and relaxed accommodating various user sizes. From task to executive chair, Apollo promises not to spin you out of orbit.


RM 678.00RM 1,848.00
Wisdom and Authority Delphi was inspired by a town in Greece, where people go to rever the wise oracle. It is made to attract people of wisdom and authority. The deep cosy wrap-around backrest shape with plush cushioning, cossets and gives you a sense of security and tranquility. Delphi leaves you to mind what matters most. Indulge in Delphi’s luxurious materials, namely full leather upholstery with stylish contract stitching, and polished aluminium members.


RM 308.00
Fila is a multi-purpose chair suited for hotel, convention, banquet and event seating It is ideal for setting up large numbers of seats and quickly sorting them away after events. Unique to Fila are its ready-link legs which makes connecting the chair a simple and swift process. You can stack up to 10 Fila chairs high with stability. Once stacked, a trolley can be fitted to lift and transport stacked chairs away for storage.


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Forte uses optimum material and a streamlined back frame design that allows your upper back to move freely during tasking. Forte compiles to EN – 1335 standard ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. The chair features a newly developed Advanced Synchro mechanism that provides and excellent range of movement to support seated working.


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Ergonomics considerations namely, a ventilating mesh back, a fine-adjustable lumbar pad, and a synchronized mechanism enables its user to work comfortably and efficiently from the desk over longer periods. The user becomes the center of workflow and information movement.


RM 388.00RM 458.00
Customisable Foldable Chair  Mobby has a colourful personality. It is lively, mobile and unpretentious. Mobby can be easily moved around for an impromptu breakout session or stored away when you need the space for something else. The eye-catching mesh-like shells gives a smart look that suits all venues from seminar rooms to cafeterias. Its versatility is great enough to suit educational, training and conference applications.  


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This versatile furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Made of polypropylene resin, it is highly resistant to high impact and harsh weather making it perfect for anywhere. The material also allows for easy cleaning which makes it suitable for venues like cafes, restaurants and rest areas. The Muze will surely make a statement in any contemporary setting, at the same time ensuring comfort, style and practicality.


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Nez’s flexible back is designed to cuddle your back, following your every movement. The Nez with Fin-type lumbar support will keep you supported in every position, making you feel comfortable throughout the day. The mesh material at the back gives the chair a stylish back side-line.


RM 1,148.00
Ovo comes with a mesh surface creating a light, airy and technical appearance. The translucent mesh is constructed using high-tensile elastomeric filaments that do not lose tension over time. A large ‘waterfall’ rolloff of the chair making you can barely feel the seat’s front edge. 2 base options give the Ovo different personalities. A 5-star base suits normal work task seating. A trumpet base with auto return column makes a design statement in waiting and relaxation lounges.

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Seating Excellence at Work Leather chairs that blends classic luxury with aesthetic design.

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RM 3,025.00RM 3,788.00
Seating Excellence at Work Leather chairs that blends classic luxury with aesthetic design.